Quine, quine again

Well.. the AAP did it! Wherever I go online to read comments and opinions on the AAP; all I tend to find is: “you did it Mr Kejriwal; I hope you can change this nation” or “you did it Mr Kejriwal; hope you don’t turn corrupt now and ruin our dreams” or “you did it Mr Kejriwal; though I doubt you have the skills or expertise to form and run an actual government”.. and so on..

But if this is all the reaction we can muster, then funny enough, I think we’re all missing the point.. yet again. I cringed when we elevated Narendra Modi to super-Jesus status; and here we are at it, yet again.

If anything, the AAP’s biggest success was to show that if anybody, only we the people can accept and fulfill the responsibility of solving our problems. And that if we make no progress, it would be only because we didn’t make enough of this opportunity to effect a positive change; and not due to any failure or incompetence on the part of some AAP leader/member.

The AAP symbol is the broom! If you’d listen to Dr. Vandana Shiva, she often mentions why Gandhi’s symbol was the simple spinning wheel: because it symbolizes that every commoner can afford to take action in the movement. The wheel in a nutshell, captures Gandhi’s message of being the change you want to see in the world.

So.. what change can we effect, apart from adding to comments traffic on random news sites, and just feeling stupidly proud of an AAP that we at best may have merely voted for?
Starting with some random thoughts:

  • Pick up a broom! I’m not kidding.. who knows what it’ll do to our psyche; what I’m sure of is that it can’t hurt.
  • Plant a seed! Again, not kidding.. the most trivial yet non-zero effort may start a potted plant, if not a garden! I plan to try my hand at it myself pretty soon.

But something more concrete:

Protect the ultimate quine! Namely the seed. The BRAI bill is an alarming instance of our slowly-loosening grip over several control layers in our environment; often masquerading as scientific, inclusive growth.
The AAP have voiced their strong anti-BRAI stand; so we should use this opportunity to

  • inform ourselves first;
  • support strong anti-BRAI movements and campaigns such as those led by Greenpeace and AAP;
  • spread awareness among family and friends;
  • leverage the support of such a strong political movement such as the AAP, to suitably influence the swing of the political debate on BRAI

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