We have become quite comfortable and attached to the immediate surroundings and patterns that we find ourselves in. Be it environmental, social or economic trends, like a network of guide rails, we have created an elaborate framework that gives structure to our daily movements.

But in some cases, this framework acts like a cage, preventing us from exploring hitherto uncharted areas of possibilities and expectations. And what with technologies such as the Internet, empowering us to broaden our horizons, we could (and should) be using them, not only to reinforce our pre-existing notions, but also to connect with fresh facts and perspectives about our world and how it works.

Why unGuide? Because metaphorically speaking, this blog is an attempt to throw ourselves off-track from our everyday path of localized notions and perspectives. Take a fresh look at reality, away from any guide. unGuide.

There are problems; what can we do about them?

In a blur of questions, we seek to outline

whatever traces of answers we can find

and how we do and would pursue them.

[ For more meta, origins and random fun, check out these other places: unguide-helper, m&ms ]


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