What is the environment?

On the first layer, we understand it as simply the laws of nature. Everything stems from here.

Looking more closely, we find specific diverse ways in which these laws have manifested since the beginning of Universe as far as we can tell, have created certain sets of conditions in various regions of Universe.

Quickly zooming in right up to what ‘environment’ means for each individual organism (such as man) as a system, it is simply the set of external inputs and control events that get factored into the operation of the organism.


Scarcely can any system operate outside the context of environment that surrounds it. Like the Physical layer at the very base of the Internet OSI model, the capabilities of our mental ‘software’ are confined by the limits of our physical ‘hardware’.

Education is the very process of understanding what our environment does do and can do. (And cannot do.. although, how does one ever determine with absolute certainty that something cannot be done, without adhering to some context? is a mystery to me.)

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