What are the questions we seek to answer?

And how do we start to explore the answers to these?

Two questions that have been eternally pursued, both by individuals as well as communities:

  • what are the surroundings that we find ourselves in, and
  • how do we organize ourselves in the best possible manner?
By studying systems, their functioning as well as interdependence. The same will aid us to arrive at possibly better (more comprehensive, at any rate) answers.

Nearly all of us do engage in the analysis or synthesis of some or the other systems pertaining to our own profession. However, what we seek is an approach that, instead of being so specialized, builds upon a relatively broader understanding of systems in general.

Precisely which are the broad systems that we should consider first?

And how do these layers affect each other?

Broadly speaking, I find the following layers of control and influence to be the most important. Note that each of them is at best, loosely defined in absolute terms, but much more rigidly so in relation to each other.

  • Environment : Constraints within which all interactions occur.
  • Energy: Obtaining the inputs needed for interactions.
  • Education: Deriving the principles operative in the environment of interactions.
  • Economics: Selecting policies based on the principles operative in interactions.
There is only one direction in which Causality proceeds immediately: Env => Ene => Edu => Eco [ Representing a trend from the physical layer to the metaphysical/intellectual layer ].
However what is the direction of inter-influence between layers? Everything affects everything else, directly and ultimately. For instance, our economics influences how we come to modify our environment, thereby possibly changing the nature of availability of energy, and also the principles emerging in our education, and so on.
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